Writing Advice For Teens: Creating Stories

5624ec477943d.jpg Author Mike Kalmbach
Isbn 0984654534
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Year 2012
Pages 178
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Culture

Book Description:

I originally downloaded this book because I'm always curious about the writing advice of others but found it to be a wonderful resource for not only teens but all ages. I'm hoping to use some of Mr. Kalmbach's advice when I teach writing to my students, especially the prompt ideas.

I think this would make an excellent gift or resource book for the budding writer. Kalmbach's advice is sound, simple, and attainable for the first time or beginning writer. I love that he didn't just say what you should do but also gave you concrete examples of what both works and what doesn't - my biggest pet peeve when it comes to instructional books is when they tell you what to do but don't show you how it can be properly done. Luckily, this book doesn't do that. The book never felt fussy just informative and to the point. I think a lot more writing books could benefit from this style. I can't wait for the other books in the series!



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