Victorian Patterns And Designs For Artists And Designers

5620ed96e11cd.jpg Author Carol Belanger Grafton
Isbn 9780486264370
File size 21.6 MB
Year 1990
Pages 94
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Design

Book Description:

Over 150 patterns selected from rare 19th-century publications. Florals, foliates, geometrics, and many other motifs ready to add period flavor to almost any project. Indispensable for textile, package and graphic designers, artists, craftspeople, many more.

This book is not full of detailed designs (not that it should be). The whole book is filled with a variety of designs that look like the pattern on the cover. This book helps you get an idea of how simple designs can look nice. If you need help making designs or patterns this book helps spark some ideas and you can take it a few steps further by drawing it in more detail. Not a bad purchase, just expect a lot of designs with similar style as the cover.



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