S.t.a.r. Chess (gambit Chess)

56250344df6ee.jpg Author Paul Motwani
Isbn 978-1901983036
File size 8.1 MB
Year 1998
Pages 144
Language English
File format PDF
Category Games

Book Description:

Here he applies his original, mnemonic-based approach to the strategy and tactics of attack, defense, and counterattack. This book is packed with instructive model examples starting from a wide spectrum of opening systems, presenting a treasure trove of ideas to surprise even the most experienced of opponents. Interspersed with the instruction are test positions and puzzles to improve your skills in reasoning -- necessary if you are to become a brighter chess S.T.A.R. yourself!
Paul Motwani's books are stimulating, and I find myself able to work through long variations in his books more than I can in the works of other authors, because of a certain contagious enthusiasm that he has for the game. I like how he ties chess into life, and somehow he gets me to work through his books, while many so-called classics put me to sleep. STAR Chess (low-priced here at Amazon) is a wonderful book



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