The Power Of Affirmations – 1,000 Positive Affirmations

Law of Attraction in Action Book 2

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Year 2014
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Book Description:

While someone stated it was beginners I disagree. I was taught to do the very thing she said not to in this book which makes tons of sense the way she explains it. It is about an hour read at best. Chapters 8-12 are all examples of what will work for each category. For that I am very grateful. It sure makes life a lot easier. Just reading though them I could feel the difference.
For two weeks now I have used the affirmations for body image and self-confidence. Wow, yes. Now THAT made a huge difference in how I see myself. I was raised with the constant drip of insults and being told that no one could possible love me and how fat I was (thought I wasn’t) so I had a warped sense of what my self-image was. In two weeks I am seeing things much differently!
Affirmations work! The book is great. Its price is super. What can you lose! Go for it!

Table of Contents:

1. The purpose of Affirmations
2. How to create effective Affirmations
3. How to Tell if an Affirmations Will Work
4. How Often to Recite Affirmations
5. The Best Way to Recite Affirmations
6. Common Challenges in Using Affirmations
7. Conclusion: Use Affirmations With Care
8. Affirmation examples: For the physical body, (weight loss, anti-aging, weight gain, healthy hair and nails, exercise, health)
9. Affirmations for Wealth & Success (Money, career, success, abundance)
10. Affirmations for Love and Relationships (Love, Friendship, Romance, Family, Parent/Children, Marriage)
11. Affirmations for self-image (Self-esteem, confidence, strength, wisdom, attitude, memory) `
12. Affirmations for Peace and Harmony (Forgiveness, Happiness, Faith, Peace, Safety, Trust, Life)

You can let your kindle read the list to you several times a day too!



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