Serial Photography: Using Themed Images to Improve Your Photographic Skills

One of the most promising ways to improve as a photographer is through the use of serial photography - a method that author Harald Mante has used and taught throughout his career. In Serial Photography: Using Themed Images to Improve Your Photographic Skills, Mante explains how to focus your photographic work on themes, objects, shapes, colors, and moods, rather than randomly searching for that one great shot. After putting his metho...

Landschaftsfotografie erleben: Sehen - Fühlen - Komponieren

Mit diesem Buch legt der passionierte Landschaftsfotograf Raymond Clement eine Schule des Beobachtens und des Sehens vor. In lebendigen Beschreibungen und anhand seiner besten Fotografien, die er in den letzten 30 Jahren sowohl mit Fachkameras als auch mit modernsten Digitalkameras aufgenommen hat, zeigt der Luxemburger, wie man sehen lernt, was andere nicht sehen, und wie man das Wesentliche eines Motivs einfängt. So erleben Sie ger...

Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Get empowered to safely keep the weight off after surgery If you're reading this, odds are you have made the very important decision to improve your health by undergoing weight loss surgery. Hats off to you—it's no small feat and could very well have saved your life! While your surgeon provided you with the tool to assist you in losing weight, making that tool work is up to you—and that's where this sensitive and authoritative guide ...

ReSYNC Your Life: 28 Days to a Stronger, Leaner, Smarter, Happier You

Named “#1 Fitness Trainer in the World” four times in a row, health and fitness expert Samir Becic motivates readers to become a stronger, leaner, smarter, and happier version of themselves in 28 days by using his revolutionary and highly effective ReSYNC® Method. Samir Becic is one of the most celebrated fitness trainers in the world. His revolutionary ReSYNC® Method shows people how to resync their minds and bodies for optimum heal...

Collaborative Cyber Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is a surprisingly complex topic that goes far beyond the obvious technical challenges of collecting, modelling and sharing technical indicators. Most books in this area focus mainly on technical measures to harden a system based on threat intel data and limit their scope to single organizations only. This bookprovides a unique angle on the topic of national cyber threat intelligence and security information sharin...

Sew a Modern Halloween: Make 15 Spooky Projects for Your Home

Decorate your home for Halloween with projects made from 5 easy and stylish block motifs, including skulls, spiderwebs, and spooky eyes! Make use of your favorite trendy Halloween fabrics as you sew pillows, runners, place mats, wine bags, and more, many of which can be made in a weekend, an afternoon, or even a couple of hours. Plus, add a modern touch with unusual, sophisticated elements like selvage accents.

Woodworking for Young Makers: Fun and Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects

Learning to be a maker has never been more fun. Full-color cartoons and drawings lead you through the steps needed for making a wizard wand, a sanding block, a charging station for your phone or tablet, and a sturdy box with a hidden compartment. You'll learn how to choose and use the right tools, measure and cut properly, sand, glue, and finish your woodworking projects to make them look great. This is the perfect guide for young pe...

Planetesimals: Early Differentiation and Consequences for Planets

Processes governing the evolution of planetesimals are critical to understanding how rocky planets are formed, how water is delivered to them, the origin of planetary atmospheres, how cores and magnetic dynamos develop, and ultimately, which planets have the potential to be habitable. Theoretical advances and new data from asteroid and meteorite observations, coupled with spacecraft missions such as Rosetta and Dawn, have led to majo...

Functional Foods and Dietary Supplements

Functional foods are foods which contain bioactive components, either from plant or animal sources, which can have health benefits for the consumer over and above their nutritional value. Foods which have antioxidant or cancer-combating components are in high demand from health conscious consumers: much has been made of the health-giving qualities of fruits and vegetables in particular. Conversely, foods which have been processed are...

Marco Pozzali, Federico Graziani - Storie di vino e di cucina (2015)

E' proprio attorno a un tavolo, molto spesso di un grande ristorante/chef italiano (ma anche una trattoria, oppure nella cucina di casa, davanti al camino) che si racconta il vino, le annate, il tempo che lentamente passa sopra al vino, rendendolo di volta in volta diverso e più prezioso. Un modo per parlare con chi il vino lo ha fatto, ma anche per parlare di cucina e di abbinamenti, di quella profonda unione di due cose buone che i...