Herbal Antivirals: Natural Remedies For Emerging & Resistant Viral Infections

56210f9d227c4.jpg Author Stephen Buhner
Isbn 9781612121604
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Year 2015
Pages 416
Language English
File format PDF
Category Healthcare

Book Description:

Well done! Highly informative and serves an important purpose in these present times of emerging viruses. However, I have a question. On page 20 the author lists five "major alterations affecting the planet that researchers have identified as being behind the emergence of so many new(and old) pathogenic viruses. I wonder why in a such a fine and comprehensive work the author nowhere mentions as a major alteration the immense amount of virus oriented biological warfare elements which have been researched, developed and distributed over the past forty years by the world powers? In the absence of such a revealing admission he continues to reason: "The disruption of healthy ecosystems by human incursions and the resultant loss of host species into which they jump is us (or the animals that survive well with us: pigeons, mice, pigs and chickens- from whom they then easily move into us)."

I believe it is a well known fact that certain researchers, to the utter anathema of other noted scientists, have engaged in experiments crossing long established natural barriers and evolved lines of separation which have prevented species from sharing diseases. Curiously, after research for biological war purposes had reached certain immune threatening thresholds in the late 1960's the emergence of new viruses had begun to appear with widescale and devastating results. Discussing these facts might perhaps be outside of the scope of the author's purpose and might cause his valuable work to be associated with conspiracy theory which he may wish to avoid. No doubt his research is much needed at this time and will assist us in strengthening our immunity in the new battle zone ... our bodies.

Take control of your health! Emerging viruses are becoming more virile and aggressive, and traditional medications are becoming less effective against them. In this companion to the best-selling Herbal Antibiotics, Stephen Harrod Buhner offers in-depth instructions on how to prepare and use herbal formulations to strengthen the immune system and treat viral infections such as SARS, influenza, and encephalitis.



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