Digital Game-based Learning

562083eca2103.jpg Author Marc Prensky
Isbn 978-1557788634
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Year 2007
Pages 451
Language English
File format PDF, EPUB, MOBI
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Book Description:

This is the Paragon House edition of the classic work by Marc Prensky. Prensky traces the shift from traditional learning to digital game-based learning. He demonstrates how learners have changed, how digital game-based learning works, its applications, and implementation and shows the role of teachers and trainers in this new arena.

Today’s workforce is quicker, sharper, more visually oriented, and more technology-savvy than ever. To truly benefit from the learning power and enthusiasm of this new workforce, training methods must adapt to the way people learn today. Written by the founder of Games2train, this innovative book is filled with examples and information to meet the demands of both educators and employers.
Looking at this book, and the price. You think that it's some type of scam to increase some type of video game's sales. But this is more like a Chicken Soup for the Gamers Soul. It tells many ways on how video games have educated people around the world. From foreigners learning how to speak English by playing English RPG's, to a kid who learned to drive by playing racing games.
Mr. Prensky demenstrates how all video games require some strategic planning in able to beat the game. That brings up creative thinking for the younger video game players.
This game lists off many reasons on why Video Games are NOT degrading, are NOT time wasting, along with many more reasons. The book got a star knocked off because the book doesn't stick to one main idea. It's a bunch of good, unique, brilliant ideas, however it's not a good idea to put two different unique idea's together. Not saying that this book should have came out in a series, but should have consisted of similar experiences in different chapters. The book covers a lot of bases, but not in a very professional way.
Some examples that were sent in by readers are available in the January 2001 issue of Nintendo Power at newstands now. To view those letters, turn to page 8, "Players Pulse".



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